Alternate Names: Amen, Amon, Timen, Zeus-Ammon, Jupiter-Ammon

Amun is known as the King of the Neteru. Amun is also known for another of His titles, Lord to the Limit who created all. In the Middle Kingdom, Amun and Ra were combined, and thus Amun-Ra came into being.

He (Amun) is usually depicted as a man (often times enthroned as a Pharaoh), wearing a tall golden plumed crown and a pleated skirt or kilt. His skin is shown as blue. The same blue that is found in Lapis Lazuli (unlike most stones, Lapis Lazuli when crushed retains it's original color unlike other stones). Lapis Lazuli was thought to be worthy of the Neteru. The plumes on Amun's headpiece are unqiue. The feathers are divided vertically into two sections, representing the Two Lands. In each of those sections, there are seven horizontal segments. Amun is also depicted as a ram with the horns curled down, or as a man with the head of a ram.

Amun has two animals which are sacred to Him; the Nile Goose and the Ram. The Nile Goose was considered sacred due to its ties with creation, but the Ram was His pre-eminent sacred animal (which is reflected in some of Amun's depictions).