Alternate Names: Auset, Ast, Ese, Isis

The origins of Aset are shrouded in mystery. Her first appearance (that has been recorded) is in the Fifth dynasty. Her origin and resting place however are still a mystery to Egyptologists. In time, Aset will become one of the most important Ntrw.

Aset is the daughter of Geb and Nut, as well as being both sister and wife(consort) to Wesir. During Wesir's time of kingship over Egypt, Aset assisted Wesir in the ruling of Egypt. While they were equal counterparts at that time, this would not remain so indefinitly. While Wesir was King, He had a great rival for the throne of Egypt. Wesir's kingship over the lands of Egypt would soon come to an end at the hands of Set. After Wesir was slain, Aset set out in search for the body of Her deceased husband. Once She had found all of the pieces of Wesir's dismembered body, She would use Her great powers to temporarily reanimate Wesir so that She may concieve a son. This child would be known to the world as Heru. As the mother of Heru, Aset became known as "the power which makes kings". Aset's importance in all of Her other aspects are based on both being the sister-wife of Wesir as well as being the mother of Heru.

Aset can be seen depicted as either wearing the symbol for the throne on Her head or alternatively, a crown of cow horns surrounding the sun disc. In Aset's role as a mother, She can also manifest herself as a sow, or more particularly " Great White Sow of Heliopolis ". In this form, Aset gives birth to the sacred Apis Bull of Memphis. From the New Kingdom onward, the tyet (already a sacred symbol) becomes Her special symbol. In the Book of the Dead, the tyet was described as being made of red jasper.

Aset's role as a protector of royal births is portrayed in the Westcar Papyrus. In it, Aset recieves each of the first three kings of the Fifth Dynasty in Her arms as Ruddedet gives them birth. Aset's close protection of Heru also becomes a strong reference point in magical texts concerning cures for childhood ailments, burns, and poisonous stings. 

Aset is also known as "Great of Magic". This title was acquired when Re was bitten by a poisonous snake which was created by Aset. While Re suffered from the poison, Aset approached Re and offered to use Her power to cure Him, only if Re would reveal His true name to Her. After a time, Re finally told Aset His true name, thus giving Her great power. Re also gave Aset permission to give that name to Heru so that He would also have a great power that no other god could rival.