Alternate Spelling: Meskhenet

Meshkhenet is a Name associated with midwifery and the birthing process. 

She has been depicted as having a human form, as well as a tile which ended with a female head. These tiles or bricks, are reffered to in the Book of the Dead as a "cubit-with-head". 

Images of Meshkhenet's face can be found carved or inscribed into what has recently been discovered as "Birthing Bricks", as well as other furniture related to the birthing process. The Birthing Bricks were used by pregnant women during the birthing process to support their weight in either a squatting or standing position. 

In addition to ensuring the safe delivery of the child, Meshkhenet makes a decision of the destiny of that child. In the Westcar Papyrus, it is written that She helped the first three kings of Dynasty V. After the arrival of Userkaf, Sahure, and Neferirkare into the arms of Aset, She would approach each child singly and give assurances of kingship. Meshkhenet is also considered to be the force of destiny which assigns promotion to a scribe.

In the Halls of Double Truth, Meshkhenet is there to assist in the rebirth into the Afterlife, for those of which have "passed" the Weighing of the Heart.