Alternate names: Nkhbt, Nekhbt
Nekhbet is a vulture Neter associated with the kingship of Upper Egypt. 

She is often depicted as a vulture with outstretched wings, holding the symbols for eternity in Her claws. In statuary, She is depicted as a vulture, resting, or as an element of one of the king's titles. Engravings depicting Nekhbet with one wing outstretched before her are considered to be protective symbols and can be found above ritual or royal scenes. Nekhbet is also often depicted as a vulture which would fly over the heads of rulers carrying the feather of Ma'at and a shen in her claws.

Nekhbet has been known to take the serpent form of Wadjet , normally to form a heraldic device around either the sun disc, or a royal name.

Nekhbet is associated not only with the kingship, but also as a mother godess, and a protector of the land. She is Wadjet's counterpart and symbolized one half of the two lands. On the crown of the New Kingdom, both Nekhbet's head and Wadjet's head are mounted on the nemes headdress.