Alternate Names: Re
Ra is the creator Neter of Heliopolis. He is the quintessence of all the manifestations of the sun-god through the three realms (earth, sky, and the underworld). He is considered to be the Father and King of all the Neteru. Quite a few of the other Neteru have enhanced their own divinity by coalescing with Ra such as Amun-Re, and Khnum-Re. 

Ra's sacred symbol was the sun disc, or other direct depiction of the sun. The sun however was much more than just His symbol. It was also his home, and is oftenly reffered to as the boat of Millions of Years. Ra is a Neter of life, light, heat, and the power which warms the Earth.

Ra's central site of worship was at Heliopolis, which currently rests under the suburbs of Cairo. The area surrounding the sun temple (including the sun temple itself) was called 'Yunu', and was depicted by a hieroglyph which represented a column. 

The most common physical manifestation for Ra was that of a falcon wearing the sun disc on His head. The sun disc itself was surrounded by the body of the cobra-goddess. In the Underworld, Ra is depicted as a ram-headed Neter and is called 'sacred ram in the west', or 'ram in charge of his harem'. The latter title refers to the life giving properties of Ra. In literature, Ra is depicted as an aging king with some very distinguishing traits. His skin was made of gold, His bones were made of silver, and His hair was made from Lapis Lazuli (a precious stone for the Kemetic peoples). 

Evidence regarding Ra's worship can be found as early as Dynasty II. Reneb's name, the first pharaoh of Dynasty II, means 'Re is lord'. During the Old Kingdom, Ra's stature raised considerably. Those who worshiped Ra, were also patroned by Ra.