Alternate Names: Sebek, Suchos

Sobek is a crocodile Neter and represented the concept of pharonic might. The earliest known records of Sobek can be seen in Old Kingdom religious texts where Sobek was called a "Rager", and also as the son of Nit. He is often given epithets of Heru-sa-Aset as a Neter of protection, healing and vengance.

Sobek can be seen depicted in two forms. The first form being that of a crocodile wearing a crown of plumes. Another form, is only partly anthropomorphic (the body of a man, but with the head of a crocodile). The dexterity of the crocodile, to snatch and destroy, was considered to be an admirable manifestation of royal prowess. The close relationship between Sobek and the king is depicted among the fine statuary in the Luxor Museum which came from the sanctuary of Sobek at Sumenu.

Sobek carries many titles with Him, however not all of His titles reflects the crocodile. As "lord of the Bakhu", Sobek allegedly has a temple made completely of carnelian. Temples to Sobek can be found throughout Egypt, however the Faiyum was particularly sacred to him, as Sobek's titles link him directly to sites within it (Sobek at Shedet). In Upper Egypt, the last temple before Aswan at Kom Ombo was considered to be sacred by Sobek, his consort Het-Hert and their child Khonsu.

In some mythologies, Sobek is a powerful and awe-inspiring denizen of the underworld, which was invoked to do away with annoyances and negative situations.