Alternate Names: Sothis, Sirius, Soptet, Spdt, Sepedet, Sept 

Sopdet is the deified embodiment of the visible star Sirius, and the herald of the annual river Nile innundation. She is usually shown as a woman with a star on top of her head. In a fourth century papyrus (the Lamentations of Aset and Nephthys), Aset asserts that She is Sopdet and will follow Wesir into the heavens, unswerving in Her actions or devotion. 

Two of Her most common titles are "Bringer of the Nile Flood" and respectively "Bringer of the New Year". As a result of the Nile innundation, fertile soil was deposited on the banks of the river Nile when the water levels receded giving the Egyptians land fertile enough to farm. 

As Sopdet was seen in the morning Sky, similar to seeing the constelation Orion (or as the Egyptians saw it Wesir), and due to the results of the Nile innundation, She became associated with grain fertility as is Wesir.