Alternate Names: Tait, Tayt

Tayet is the patron of weavers, makers of clothes, and those who wrapped the mummies before burial. She is closely associated with the growing, harvesting, spinning and the weaving of linen from flax. 

Her most curcial role was to provide the linens for embalming and mumification. These linens have been called the "wrappings from the hand of Tayet", as well as "land of Tayet". Spells invoking Her name were said over these bandages / wrappings / linens to ensure both purity of the bandages, as well as to prevent hemmoraging.

Tayet also weaves the curtain in the purification tent which is embroidered by Ptah . In the Old Kingdom, prayers were said to Tayet to protect the head of the King, as well as to gather the bones of the King.