Tefnut is the sister / consort of Shu , and together they are the first of creation. Tefnut embodies the concepts of moisture, clouds, dew and rain. Tefnut is also the mother of Geb and Nut.

Tefnut came into existence from Atum's (Re-Atum) spittle. In Ptloemiac temples, Tefnut's name can be seen written on the wall in the symbol of a pair of lips spitting. Her association with moisture is tenuously established with Her position among other Neteru representing other cosmic elements and in the pyramid texts. In the pyramid texts, Tefnut creates pure water for the king's feet from her vagina.

Tefnut's depictions vary. She can appear with the head of a lioness as the 'eye of Ra'. She can also take a leonine form. At Leontopolis, Tefnut and Shu were worshiped as a pair of lions, and in Heliopolis, Tefnut also had a sanctuary called the 'Lower Menset'. In the Pyramid Texts, Tefnut is described as a serpent rearing up on a scepter.

Tefnut's relationship with her father Re was at one point hostile. In a demotic papyrus, Tefnut is said to have quarreled with Re and thus left Egypt to go to Nubia. Following Her departure, Djehuty was sent to Tefnut as a mediator, and through flattery, Tefnut returned to Egypt.