Once again, several improvement to the site have been made.

  • HTTP/3 and QUIC are now supported protocols, for all of the websites that we host. This will signifigantly reduce the page load times, and increase page responsiveness. 
  • Caching has been greatly improved, to reduce page load times. 
  • A new site has been created to host documents and PDF's. In time, the Per-Heh Library will be moved over to that new site to simplify the setup of the main site, increasing stability especially when there are major updates to the software that runs this site. The new site currently does not allow user creation, and will become publicly available once a workable Single Sign On setup is in place. This means that if you login to either site, you will be logged in to both.
  • All web sites that we host are now regularly backed up to a secure location, to minimize any downtime for any reason whatsoever.
  • Our hosted sites will now default to Brotli compression, only using gzip as a fall back compression algorithm for browsers that do not support Brotli.
  • TLS 1.3 is now a requirement for all services that use encryption. 

 The Single Sign On is currently the last obstacle that needs to be addressed. There is currently no time frame that can be announced for it's completion, however work is underway on our test site. Once that work is completed on the test site, it will be ported over to our main site.