Registration on the Per-Heh website is fairly easy, however I have noticed that a few people are having difficulties completing  their registration. The issue lies within the requirements of our email server. Our email server has a strong security policy, which requires a TLS (preferably TLSv1.3) connection. This requirement is both for client side connections as well as server side connections. 

On the client side, it encrypts and secures all data from email clients and our server. This ensures privacy, and confidentiality, and is a standard in the industry. On the server side, which involves how emails get to their destination (server to server communication), it ensures privacy, confidentiality, and helps to stop spam (unsolicited bulk email). Many spammers run their own private email servers to avoid detection from their ISP, and do not bother to properly set their server up, or pay for a SSL/TLS certificate. As a result, when our server tries to send out the registration email, if the receiving server cannot support TLS, that email will simply bounce back to us as it has become undeliverable. 

This TLS requirement is a standard practice amongst most (90% to 95%) email providers on the internet today, and we will not be changing this to accomodate less secure email servers. We take privacy and security very seriously.