Alternate Names: Hike, Heqa

Heka embodies the concept that there is power in the spoken word. Power that can be used for any purpose or intent. His name means or stands for 'Authorative Utterance', and was considered to be 'Great of Sekhem'.

Heka is depicted as a man carrying a magic staff and a knife, standing in the prow of Ra's Boat of Millions of Years along with Hu and Sia. 

In one myth of Heka's origins, Heka was born human, with the assistance of Seshat (due to complications during labor and delivery). After birth, the child was very frail. His body was weak, and would not grow much. Seshat however saw this, and She also saw the fact that his body held a tremendous amount of Sekhem. She saw that His destiny was that of a great magician, and Heka was therefore trained both by royalty and Seshat  Herself.

Heka reminds us to always mind that which we speak. While our speach may be used for good or ill intent, it not only affects the speaker, and the person who the speaker is speaking to, but everyone else around. Kemetic people held onto the belief that to speak of a thing is to cause that thing to exist. The Kemetic people also felt that to repeat or speak one's name, after death, was to render the deceased immortal.