Alternate Names: Satis

Satet's name was originally Satjit in Egyptian, however it was later changed and is reflected on subterranean jars which have been recovered from the Step Pyramid at Saqqara (Dynasty III). In the Pyramid Texts, Satet is said to cleanse the King by means of the four jars from Elephantine. She is depicted wearing the white crown of Upper Egypt, adorned with antelope horns or plumes. Satet's name in hieroglyphs was first written as a shoulder-knot tie, however from the Middle Kingdom the writing of Her name changed into an animal skin, pierced by an arrow.

Satet protects the southern borders of Kemet, using her bow with deadly accuracy. As "Mistress of Elephantine", Satet is the consort to Khnum, and by inference, the mother of Anuket.