Alternate Names: Selkis, Selqet, Selket, Serket

Serqet's name is actually an abbreviation for a phrase. "She Who causes the throat to breathe." 

Serqet is depicted as a woman with a scorpion on top of her head, poised to strike. It was not until the New Kingdom era that she was represented in hieroglyphs as a full scorpion. She is one of the four protective Names seen in canopic shrines and tombs. In a Mythological Papyrus from Dynasty XXI, Serqet is depicted not as having a scorpion atop Her head, but instead as having a female body with the head of a lion on top Her shoulders with the head of a crocodile coming from Her back, weilding knives. In some underground tombs, She is depicted as a rearing serpent. These depictions, while extremely rare do demonstrate Her protective / destructive powers when needed. In the Underworld, Her responsibility is to protect Qebshenef (the Neter who protects the intestines), and to guard a dangerous twist in the pathway (on the way to the weighing of the heart).

Serqet is closely connected with Aset in the protection of Heru-sa-Aset. She was attributed to protecting the innocent, protecting children, and warded against the sting of the scorpion. She is the patron of magician-medics, and is credited with the binding of the serpent (the un-named) one.

Serqet is associated with protection and the removal of poisons from a wide range of sources. Oddly enough, Serqet was not included in spells or rituals regarding the sting of a scorpion.