Alternate Names: Seshet, Sefkhet-abwy

Seshat is a Neter of writing, as well as a patron Neter of libraries. One of her titles is 'foremost in the library'.

She is the consort to Djehuty, and is depicted in ceremonies which marked the beginning of major building projects (much like "breaking ground").

Seshat is depicted as a woman, wearing a long leopard skin robe (that which a Sem Priest would wear). Seshat's emblem (which stems from a headband) is that of a seven pointed star or rosette crowned with a bow like symbol or horns facing downward.

During Dynasty II, She is said to have assisted Khasekhemwy in hammering marker poles (otherwise known as boundry poles) into the ground for the ceremony of 'stretching the cord'. This is not only a blessing, but also played a crucial part of the temple development as it included measuring out the ground plan. 

During the Old Kingdom, Seshat was responsible for recording the herds of cattle, sheep and donkeys which were siezed by King Sahure (Dynasty V). In the temple of Senwosret I (Dynasty XII) at el-Lisht, evidence has been found which also added the responsibilities of recording the names and tributes of foreign captives. She commemorates the names of kings on the leaves of the persea tree.