Alternate Names: Udjat, Edjo, Uto

Wadjet, mother to Nefertem , is the cobra Neter of Tell el-Farain in the Nile Delta, and the preserver of royal authority for Lower Egypt. She is also responsible for the protection of Lower Egypt. Her name means 'green one', and is a double reference to both the color of a serpent, as well as the papyrus swamps which She is said to have created.

Wadjet is seen depicted in a few forms. She can be seen as a cobra rearing up to strike the enemies of the King, as well as the cobra which is on royal crowns, or headdresses. On the nemes headdress, Wadjet's cobra head is mounted alongside Nekhbet's vulture head. Wadjet can also be seen in leonine form as the Eye of Ra, either as a lioness or a woman with the head of a lion. 

Wadjet is the tutelary Neter of Lower Egypt, and is symbolized as such with a title in the royal protocol. Per-nu, a major shrine in the delta, is under Her protection. She lives in harmony with her counterpart Nekhbet, and Wadjet can be seen depicted in some temples and tombs as having the full body or wings of a vulture. When Wadjet and Nekhbet are shown together, it represents the unity of the Two Lands of Egypt.